Some new girls for 2019

Our eggs are one of our best sellers in the shop, and we often run short, so to combat this we are bringing in 35 new girls to boost our flocks production in the new year.

Bringing in the new additions to the flock

Arriving just before dusk, our livestock manager Rhiannon (holding the box) gets ready to introduce the new arrivals to the flock.

We put the new chickens into the coup after dark to reduce the usual ‘pecking order’ tantrums. When it comes light, the 30 new birds have already spent the night amongst their new, so the chances of any arguments are reduced.

Happy hens lay great eggs

Our chickens are not officially classified as organic, but they are fed on the best quality organic feed and have our orchard to roam around in. They have a great life, and are organic in all but name.

Chicken Tours

If you want to know more about our chickens, watch out for our very popular chicken tours which will be announced on our website, facebook page and other social media. You will even get the opportunity to hug one of our girls.

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