Greenslate Community Tree Planting Day is back

Everyone welcome to the tree planting day, where you are welcome to choose a tree sapling to plant in our natural woodland. 

We have 400 tree saplings to plant, courtesy of the Woodland Trust, and we’d like you to help us plant and tend them.

We are gradually thinning the goat willow that first created our woodland, and replacing it with British indigenous trees. 

You can dedicate the tree you plant to someone special with a handmade wooden plaque. 

Come to Greenslate Community Farm on Sunday 6th June, from 10 am.

This event is completely free.

Everyone is welcome. We have over 400 trees to plant. If you can bring a garden fork or spade we’d appreciate it. Dedicate your tree to whomever you choose with a special handmade plaque.

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