The Straw Bale Cafe and Farm Shop is currently closed because of the Covid-19 Government restrictions.

Do you know why the ‘Straw Bale Cafe’ is called ‘The Straw Bale Cafe?’ Simple, it is built out of straw bales. If you don’t believe it, check out the framed panels on either side of the balcony doors, where the straw bales are clearly seen; they are also holding up the roof.

You can now order many cafe foods and essentials from our online food store.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and government restrictions, we have had to close our shop and cafe for the safety of our staff and customers. 

However, you can now order lots of food essentials and some of our cafe treats like cakes and salads through our online food shop. We offer contactless delivery within a five mile radius of the shop or the option of non-contact ‘click & collect’ from the farm.

Click on the button below to go to the online food shop.