Zombie Apocalypse training – Thursday 15th August 2019


Zombie Apocalypse training runs from 1pm to 4pm for ages 5-11 years. The cost is £10 per child, which includes refreshments and all materials. Places are available for 30 children per session. Booking is essential via our website.

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Ask your kids, they will tell you; there’s going to be a Zombie Apocalypse one day, it’s bound to happen.

Anyway, even without a Zombie Apocalypse, learning how to take care of yourself in the wild might not be a bad thing. And being outside hiding in the woods is a far healthier than sitting looking at a screen.

There will be lots of practical bush craft training things happening in this little training camp. Things like cooking on fires, making shelters, foraging for food. But don’t forget, there will be Zombies out there paying the camp a visit now and again. Knowing how to deal with them will also be useful.

Zombie Apocalypse training camp isn’t for kids of a nervous disposition, but it’ll be some of the best fun they ever have.