The Greenslate Food Box for four


Box for 4

Loaf of bread (brown or white)

Pack of muffins

Potatoes (6 baking or 2.5kg King Edward)

4 onions (brown or red)

8 Carrots

400g Mushrooms

8 pieces of fruit from:

Apple, pear, plum, satsuma



6 tomatoes

150g bag of Greenslate salad


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A box of fresh produce designed for four people.

Usually consists of: Loaf of bread (brown or white), Pack of muffins, Potatoes (6 baking or 2.5kg King Edward), 4 onions (brown or red), 8 Carrots, 400g Mushrooms, 8 pieces of fruit (from: Apple, pear, plum, satsuma), broccoli, cauliflower, 6 tomatoes, 150g bag of Greenslate salad. Contents may vary depending on availability.