Bio Blitz – Tuesday 13th August 2019


Bio Blitz runs from 1pm to 4pm for ages 5-11 years. The cost is £10 per child, which includes refreshments and all materials.

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Most of the animals that live on our farm have four legs, occasionally two; I’m thinking chickens here, not humans. But, there are lots of other little criters out there, and they outnumber us all many times over.

A Bio Blitz is an event that lets us concentrate on all those other creatures. Teams roam the farm trying to find and identify as many bugs, birds and bees as they can. There is a whole other world around us that we ignore most of the time, and that’s our loss.

Let your kids explore this wonderful world with the help of our staff and volunteers. It will be a real eye opener that leaves your child with a better appreciation of nature, no matter how small, or how many legs it has.