We have had a shop at Greenslate Farm for quite some time now. The old shop housed in the original shipping container was short of room and run as more of a service than as a means of making money to keep the farm running. 

The new shop opened its doors back in July, but I think it is fair to say that it hasn’t had the attention that it should have. Just getting the Straw Bale Building finished and up and running has taken lots of our waking hours. Please don’t forget, Greenslate Farm is run mostly by volunteers with only a few paid staff.

So now, as things are settling down we need to start reviewing what we sell in the shop and how this fits in with the farm’s overall mission. Ask yourself the question, why is the farm here and what are we trying to achieve? It is a question that we are revisiting ourselves at the moment. It’s an evolving process as we balance out the needs of the community, the preferences of our customers and the impact that people’s buying power has our planet.

For us at Greenslate, Local, Ethical and Organic are the three things that concern us most when stocking the shop. Ideally, all three of those concerns would be addressed by every product, but life is not that simple. So, we have to be pragmatic and do our best to find products that fit those criteria. We also have to make sure people want to buy them.

This video introduces some new products into the shop and gives you a bit of insight into the thinking that goes with it. More videos about the shop and the farm will be coming in the next few months.

  • Have you any thoughts on what you would like to see in our shop?
  • Do you have suggestions for products that hit those three criteria of Local, Ethical and Organic?
  • What do you want to buy that you cannot easily get from somewhere else?
  • Perhaps you know of producers that fit our criteria better than the ones we are already stocking?

Please feel free to let us know, we value your feedback

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