Minutes of the board meeting of 19th Oct 2018

Condensed Version

The care farm and growing team are working to diversify into flower production as a project for the learners. The fields are still producing plenty of crops. Polytunnel 3 is due to be converted for growing and the kids’ activities will move into the barn.

The goats have spent their first couple of days out in their new enclosure near the woods.

We have welcomed a new member of staff, Cosi Hoyer, to the kitchen team and planning for Christmas is well under way. Footfall has fallen during the week but weekends remain busy and evening events seem popular and will be further developed.

Care Farm:
A new support worker will be starting in November. The care farm remains relatively stable and Hazel will be attending the annual Transition event to promote the farm to potential new clients.

A successful PR tree planting event took place with a company that have provided free trees to the farm and may do so again in the future.Apple day” will be taking place on the 20th October. This will be a low key event but a good starting point for similar themed events in the future. ASB in the woodlands has been logged with the police and the CSOs are undertaking patrols. The original coppicing plan for the woods requires review with a view to reinstating volunteering activities in the woods.

The farm’s financial year ends in September and so the draft accounts are now in production. The project has grown substantially in the last 12 months with turnover up by 260% on the previous year due to the growth of the café and shop. Overall the project made a small profit for the year as a whole which will be reinvested into the continued development of the farm.


5mph signs have been installed at the entrance. This restriction should be reinforced to anyone entering the site including staff, visitors and delivery drivers.

Date of the next board meeting – 23rd November.

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