Minutes from General Meeting 29th September 2019

Minutes of General Meeting 2019-9-29


Alan Kehoe, Joan Melling, Rhiannon Jones, Roger Buckner, Joe Taylor


Mark Tebbutt, Nick Ashcroft; Eve Whitehead, Pat Davies, Dave & Jane Fairhurst.

Minutes of last General Meeting 2019-8-18: 

True and Accurate – passed.

Matters Arising: 

The proposed amendments regarding proxy voting recommended at the previous General Meeting were accepted by the Greenslate Board. 

The group that agreed to look at Greenslate’s Aims and Objectives met 22nd September to begin the process and will meet again 6th October.

Treasurers report, Second General Meeting 29.09.19

  1. Summary pages are on the table for the year to 31.08.19

You will see that the overall profit for the farm is now showing £4000.

  1. Currently, this is split between the two main areas….Carefarm and Café.
  2. I am now showing more detail..
  3. Café and events still need splitting and highlighting…
  4. As Monday is the year end we do need to set in place some more controls….


  1. Stock take for the year end position.
  2. Set up an assets register to list and control the whereabouts of farm material and equipment…. By departments.
  3. Management of assets and activities
  4. Managers’ weekly reports and staff management
  5. Departmental Procedures and On-site Rotas and attendances.
  6. Bookkeeping services.
  7. Staff on site register… Volunteers and Staff .. sign in sheets.
  8. etc
  9. The farm structure has been mainly flat up until now and does need to introduce a clear hierarchy to show both authority and responsibility.

I don’t think we are ready yet to reflect this into salary pay…but a consideration for the future.

  1. Previous accounts

I am still in discussion with Slade and Cooper on both the 2017 and 2018 financials, which in itself is time consuming and slow. Progress but not yet there.

An in-depth discussion took place regarding various aspects of the Farm’s standing, relating to finances, ethos, and diverse activities. 

It was agreed that another General Meeting should be arranged when practical and members be advised when a time and date is set for it

Next General Meeting: To be arranged.


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