Minutes from board meeting – Monday 27th July 2020

Date of meeting:  3.30 pm Monday 27th July 2020

Present: Joe Taylor, Paul Corkill, Rhiannon Jones, Pat Bray, Jane Fairhurst, Dave Fairhurst, Jonathan Roby

Apologies: Ian Bowyer


Chair: Joe Taylor

Minutes: Dave Fairhurst

Declarations of interest

Referenceto agendaMinuteAction
1Minutes of meeting of 20th July 2020:Proposed PC, seconded JF. Agreed.
2Matters arising:All actions taken

3Farm Management issues:Growing: Rota of volunteers established and SH liaising with volunteers.  Volunteers working Mon, Weds, Thurs. SH working on growing Mon and Weds.SH liaising with shop re: veg going to shop and surplus to the Brick. They were very grateful as always short on fresh veg donations. Will also do Fur Clemt.  Education/animals: Education work still on hold.  RJ has seen a couple of students who have been inducted as general volunteers.  RJ considering risk assessment or policy statement regarding the animals against different scenarios.Care Farm:DF advised board of care farm plans having discussed with Kelly and team last week.  Current preferred plan is to rotate learners one week on, one week off, Monday to Thursday, with full clean of classroom on Fridays.  Coordinating risk assessments with RJ re: public access.  Better for care farm if no public access other than approved volunteers during the week, public access only at weekends, Friday to Sunday OK for care farm.Care Farm have joined charity “Social Farms and Gardens” – lots of useful information and support.DF to speak to KH regarding sourcing PPE through Wigan Council.Online shop review:Website sales suggests 17 orders for whole of last week.  Losses in the week not clear as information not provided despite instruction.  Difficult to assess how much P2C funds will be available for café as costs of online shop, when identified, will be set against P2C.  DF to draft email to xx when he has time.Café reopening:Issues raised in our last email to xx not been addressed.  When he has time, DF to draft email to xx concentrating on core issues that need to be resolved before café can reopen.  Stock take information not completed and business plan needs work.  To help, AK offered to draft profit and loss forecasts based on xx figures.  Disappointment expressed that café staff didn’t seem to realise that stock take needed to be done as a starting point for proper stock control at the café and shop, i.e. as an aid to their management.

4Financial Matters:AK reported that still dealing with accountant re: y.e. Sept 2019 accounts.  Now turning their attention to y.e. Sept ’17 and Sept’18 accounts after internal audit work by M W-B and AK.AK has applied for small business rate relief as advised by L Ramsden regarding backdated business rates bill.P2C grant money has now been received. AK will transfer grant on basis of losses accrued and will include in report to board on month end accounts.Other Accounts:PB to advise Forever Manchester re: supplying veg to The Brick.PB has spoken to Cadent Trust regarding micro grid proposals. May be more suitable for R&D grant tranche. PB to prepare executive summary of proposals for Cadent Trust to review and advise if it’s within their remit.

5A.O.B.Ecosave Business Solutions:DF updated board on discussions with Business Energy Claims and their solicitorJonathan Roby had resigned from the Board in the light of changed work commitments.  The board thanked him for his invaluable contributions during this difficult time.
6Date and time of next meeting:3.30 pm Monday 3rd August 2020
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