Minutes from Board meeting 9th December 2019

Redacted to protect personal or financial information

Date of meeting: Monday 9 December 2019

Redacted to protect personal or financial information

Date of meeting: Monday 9 December 2019


Joe Taylor, Kath Godfrey, Danny Halliday, Paul Corkill, Alan Kehoe, Rhiannon Jones, Ian Bowyer, Dave Fairhurst


J Roby, J Fairhurst


Chair: Joe Taylor


Dave Fairhurst

Declarations of interest:


Referenceto agendaMinuteAction
1Farm Reports:Care Farm:RH read out a report from Hazel. The Board agreed that, in the circumstances, staff can carry over into the New Year holiday entitlement that they haven’t been able to take this year. To gauge the scale of the issue the Board asked that managers let them know the extent of the carry-over.DF thanked Hazel for the excellent job she had done representing the Farm at the recent visit by NHS chair and senior officials and Wigan Council senior officials. He also thanked the café staff for their excellent input to the same visit, which seems to have been very successful.Café/Shop:The Board read and noted a report submitted by Mark. KG confirmed that Hazel had been consulted regarding a temporary staff appointment.Education:RH spoke on a report that she had previously submitted. The Board wished to thank Craig Powers for his offer to donate bird box cameras, which the Farm gladly accepts. Some cabling will need to be installed for the bird box cameras.
Growing:KG noted the excellent start that Adam has made with the growing and several board members commented on the visible improvements to the growing area.Woodlands:No reportProjects/infrastructure:



Planning permission for the donkey shelter has come through. Not yet got a quote for the electric supply to the wareing shed.

2Minutes of meeting of 11 November 2019Approved

3Matters arising:DF reported that we had received a reply from the FCA and that no sanctions will be applied in relation to an error in the submission of accounts for a previous year.

4Treasurer’s report:AK presented a spreadsheet showing profit and loss for the last two months. We made a small profit in the first two months of the financial year. An unusually large figure for veg sales in October was noted. AK said he would investigate.DF raised some serious concerns regarding the handling of staff pay in November where he felt that staff receiving their pay had been placed at risk unnecessarily. A discussion took place. The following proposals were agreed unanimously by the Board:1. The Board expresses their support and thanks to AK for his work as Treasurer and reaffirms their full backing in relation to investigations he undertakes on any aspect of the Farm’s accounts that are still open.2. The board accepts KG’s advice regarding the time needed for a book keeper and increased the proposed hours of work to 14 hours per week, giving an annual cost of approximately £8800 per annum3. The Board confirms the principle that actions taken by staff while they are acting as volunteers or by volunteers working on the farm can, in appropriate circumstances, result in disciplinary action (or an equivalent for volunteers working on the Farm).

5Chair’s Report:JT said he aimed to get a monitoring report to the Council by Friday. Report noted
7Date and time of next meeting6.30p.m. Monday 13 January 2019

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