Minutes from board meeting – 8th September 2021

These minutes have been redacted for reasons of confidentiality.

Date of meeting: Zoom meeting – Wednesday 08th September 2021, 6pm

Present: Fiona Eccleston; Nicky Bailey; Pam Moore; Chris Roberts; Angela Blackshaw; 


Chair: Fiona Eccleston

Minutes: Pam Moore

Declarations of interest: None

Items Covered Minute
Minutes of last MeetingMinutes of meetings held on 25th August 2021 & 31st August 2021 were agreed by the board as a true record.
Matters Arising Not covered by agendaNone
ActionsCo-op funding – report back on possible use of funding. Closed – Folded into standing agenda item  
Redaction of minutes to be approved by the board then loaded to website Closed – moved to agenda item   When governance reviewed, ensure policy is in place re info handling Closed – Moved into governance section of business plan. Discuss intended spend on waring shed at next meeting Closed – on agenda for this meeting
Continue work on Straw Bale Manager RecruitmentClosed – Ongoing, agenda item
Re – newsletter, produce summaries of different areas and send to NBClosed – agenda item 
Re – newsletter, pull together the updates into a newsletter Closed – agenda item 
Set up WhatApp group
Closed complete 
NewsletterNB will circulate the final version of the newsletter for approval before sending out. 
Action: NB to circulate final newsletters for approval action AB/PM – gain access to the MailChimp account
Finance ReportAugust had a large cash outflow. There were a lot of one-off costs, some expected, some not. Need to look at spend outside of wages. Any spend outside of grant income needs to be looked at to see if it’s necessary 
CafeCafé manager job has been readvertised and applications have been received.
Grant funding – sub committee£13k Co-op fund to make lower barn into a usable space.  CW needs a space away from the education barn because of the tools he uses which create a health & safety issue. Project manager needed for this conversion. KS mentioned Men is Sheds in Orrell may be interested if there is mutual benefit in some way. 
Action: NB to put a request in the newletter for someone to project manage it.Action: KS to see if Men in Sheds could project manage the workAction: AB to ask SM if he is able to help
Engaging café manager applicant in wider farm activitiesTheir prime interest is events and is already in contact with RJ about Billinge Christmas market.  FE explained to them we’d be issuing a newsletter which would be asking for help in other areas too.
Action: FE to email them the newsletter when finalised. 
Board MinutesFE’s contact, who is unconnected with the farm and doesn’t live in the vicinity, is willing to read through the board minutes and highlight personal information for redaction.  The minutes with redactions will then be reviewed for approval by the board. 
Once we have redacted versions, they can be uploaded on to the website. Going forwards, from each board meeting there should be a full version of the minutes produced with suggested redactions highlighted, and agreement by the board to those minutes is also agreeing to the redactions. The redacted version can then be loaded onto the website. 
It was agreed that redactions should be applied to anything personal, staff related or anything that could compromise the reputation of GCF.
Action: PM to contact NH for all copies of minutes and any redacted versions he has.
WAWYEmail has been sent to JA asking if she would give monthly updates to the board. No response yet.
AOBWMBC are running free fruit tree pruning training courses.  Council staff are looking for areas to work. 
Action: KS will link us to the person organising this.

Action Details

ActionWho Raised 
NB to circulate final newsletters for approvalNB08/09/2021
Gain access to the MailChimp accountAB/PM08/09/2021
Wareing shed project – put a request in the newsletter for someone to project manage it.NB08/09/2021
Wareing Shed project – see if Men in Sheds could project manage the workKS08/09/2021
Wareing shed project  – ask SM if he is able to helpAB08/09/2021
Email café applicant interested in GCF the newsletter when issuedFE08/09/2021
Board Minutes – contact NH for all copies of minutes and any redacted versions he has.PM08/09/2021
WMBC pruning courses – link us to the person organising this.KS08/09/2021
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