Minutes from board meeting – 6th October 2021

These minutes have been redacted for reasons of confidentiality.

Date of meeting: Zoom meeting – Wednesday 06th October 2021, 6pm

Present: Fiona Eccleston; Nicky Bailey; Pam Moore; Chris Roberts

Apologies:  Angela Blackshaw; Katy Sneyd

Chair: Fiona Eccleston

Minutes: Pam Moore

Declarations of interest: None

Items Covered Minute
Board Meeting
Minutes of last MeetingMinutes of meetings held on 22nd September 2021 were agreed as a true record. Proposed: FESeconded: NB
GrowingAt the growers meeting it was agreed to look into setting up a veg box scheme along Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) lines.  A subgroup has been set up to focus on how the scheme will work. 
ITRegarding RM’s involvement with GCF IT and website, it was agreed that if we go ahead with his offer of help any changes to the website would go through a board approval process. 
Minutes – redaction and loading to website5 sets of minutes complete and ready to be loaded. Going forwards, minutes will be written with suggested redactions, and board approval of the minutes will also be approval of the suggested redaction. Once all ready for loading, will ask RM to load when he has the required knowledge to do that. 
Council LetterDeadline 12th November 2021.  Need to split what needs to be done across the board to progress. Action: FE to arrange board/council meeting.
Peer review action plan – some are already being progressedBusiness Plan – FE progressing this. Need a board meeting to review the plan before presenting to the council.  Agreed Saturday 23rd October 10:00 – 13:00 at GCF. 
Annual Report for Outcomes. In future it should be made an extension of the annual report so it’s not missed.Action: FE ask Reconciliation Committee if they could help with this.Action: FE ask WMBC for an example of a report or template.
Action: FE to send out plan of action to board members.
SubcommitteesA number of subcommittees have naturally formed: Reconciliation, Fundraising, Growing, Lower Barn Conversion. Fundraising: NB will be board liaison and has arranged a meeting for 11th Oct.Marketing: FE has been given some contact names and will get in touch with them. Growing: Meetings have taken place. PM is the board liaison. Lower Barn Conversion: FE is the board liaison. A scoping document has been drafted which will be used to get quotes. FE will seek at least 3 quotes, Board will look at all quotes and decide on the supplier.
CR agreed to be the liaison for marketing.
Staff MeetingNext meeting in the diary. FE will speak to IS about holding the meeting at the café.
Action: FE to follow up with AB re Care Farm/ arrange meeting.
Members MeetingIt was agreed to hold a members’ morning where we, as a board, can talk through what has been going on, key elements of the business plan and give members the opportunity to ask questions and generally talk to us. The session would be open to anyone to come along, possibly in the barn so the café isn’t disrupted. Will firm up the format after speaking to staff. Action: FE to check date of 13th November morning OK with RJ
Board MeetingsAgreed to extend meeting to 2 hours to accommodate the 30 minutes pre meetings, alternative weeks, with mangers/reconciliation committee. Action: FE to send invites to IS & RJ/Reconciliation Committee members
Company SickPay PolicyTo be completed as part of the policy work being done.

Action Detail

ActionWho Raised 
Wareing shed project  – ask SM if he is able to helpAB08/09/2021
WMBC pruning courses – link us to the person organising this.Katy done but will chaseKS08/09/2021
Barn washing facilities – see if hand washing basin/trough could be found from voids in housing. Will also see if it’s possible to get any advice re drainage.KS22/09/2021
Wigan Tech – speak to collage staff about working with GCF on IT and signage.RJ22/09/2021
Council Letter – arrange meeting with WMBC FE06/10/2021
Council Letter – send plan of action to board members.FE06/10/2021
Annual report of outcomes – ask Reconciliation C for help with this. FE06/10/2021
Annual report of outcomes – ask WMBC for an example/template.FE06/10/2021
Staff Meeting – follow up with AB re Care Farm/ arrange meeting.FE06/10/2021
Members Meeting – check date of 13th November morning OK with RJFE06/10/2021
Send invites to IS & RJ/Reconciliation Committee members, alternating, for once a month, first 30 mins of board meeting.FE06/10/2021

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