Minutes from Board Meeting – 6th October 2020

Greenslate Community Farm Ltd

Board Meeting

Date: 6/10/2020  via  Zoom

Present: Donald McQueen, Pat Bray, Beth Hollihead, Stuart Hollihead, Caroline Hudson, Jonathan Roby (JR for item 1 only)

Apologies: None

Absent: None

Chair: Beth Hollihead

Minutes: Caroline Hudson

Declaration of interest: None

Agenda referenceMinutesAction

2The acquiring of a treasurer is highly urgent and can be achieved by co-opting or the holding of a mini-election with shareholders Advertising will be held among the shareholders for an appropriately qualified volunteer.  If needed, the farm official accountants can help by advertising a voluntary placement among colleagues.
Contact for P2C – PB and CHContact for BEC – PBCheque signatories – RJ and MWB to remain, add CH and BH
3Interviews to be arranged for a growing manager will be headed by RJ and DM with a view to starting asap.  Should the café be able to open soon, CH suggests that keeping on the two students, M and F, would be an option to keep down staffing costsTo conserve time, CH will upload suggestions for staffing restructuring and pay tiers to Teams for later discussion.

CH – produce and upload staff structure documents
4As of November, government schemes will see staff being required to work a third of their contracted hours to receive 77% of their wage.  Should the café reopen soon, this will have to be reflected in any rota to be drawn up.  CH states that a timeline of achievable targets has been drawn up with the possibilty of opening the café on 31/10.  This can also be uploaded to teams for later discussion.MB was approached by PB to confirm the casuals currently being paid (MT, MC, GM)CH – finalise and upload café opening schedule
5AOB: SH agrees to handle grievances put against RB with the intention of providing other members with a review and recommendations on how to proceed.
6Next meeting – TBAMeeting with Wigan Council representatives to be held preferably Monday or Wednesday at 4pm.
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