Minutes from board meeting – 31st August 2021

These minutes have been redacted for reasons of confidentiality.

Date of meeting: Zoom meeting – Tuesday 31th August 2021, 7pm

Present: Fiona Eccleston; Nicky Bailey; Pam Moore; Chris Roberts; Angela Blackshaw; 


Chair: Fiona Eccleston

Minutes: Pam Moore

Declarations of interest

Items Covered Minute
Minutes of last MeetingNot reviewed at this meeting
Matters Arising Not covered by agendaNone
ActionsNot reviewed at this meeting
Board PositionsGiven the recent resignations of Mark Tebbutt and Neil Hickson, board positions were reviewed resulting in the following, with the caveat that some of these positions may change in the future:
Chair:                         Fiona Eccleston
Board Secretary:      Angela Blackshaw
Assistant Secretary: Pam Moore
Treasurer:                  Nicky Bailey 
CommunicationIt was acknowledged that there hadn’t been enough communication between the board and its staff and members. It was agreed to issue a newsletter with a summary of each area, and also asking members with the skills we required to get in touch if they are willing to help.
Action: Updates for newsletter to be sent to NB to produce the newsletterStrategic review – Fiona/Pam Care Farm – Angela Animals/Education – Nicky Café – Chris Growing – Pam
Café & Shop UpdateSteve Henderson’s resignation was noted.Action: NB to inform JB of resignation
Café Manager – Two people progressed to stage 2 of the interview process. One candidate withdrew their application shortly before their café trial. The remaining interviewee completed the café trial and will be offered the job subject to references. 
JS has been sent a link from GOV.UK which covers requirements for labelling. He has said he will look into it. This was followed by a general discussion about the importance of listing allergens, consistency of ingredients, and the soon to be introduced Natasha’s law, albeit that law only affect takeaway food. AB said she would highlight these requirements to the care farm who are looking to set up care farm café. 
FarmRJ has expressed concerns about staffing levels when collages & schools return to GCF. The go ahead has been given previously to use the kickstart scheme to recruit staff but it wasn’t known if RJ had taken advantage of this. NB will talk with RJ to understand priorities and resources needed and will come back to the board if extra staff are required. Action: NB to get clear requirements from RJ about needs and priorities re staffing levels.
DigitalNH’s resignation leaves a skills gap. FE know someone who could help out if needed. PM attended a virtual café session where a person who worked in digital marketing was interested in volunteering on the website side of things, and she did sign up for volunteering via the website. Action: PM to find the person’s contact detail and find out if she’s still interested. Action: NB to inform JB of resignation
MeetingsIt was agreed to carry on fortnightly meetings and set up a WhatsApp group to maintain awareness of what is going on day to day.
Action: NB Set up WhatsApp group

Actions Summary

Action Who Raised
Re – newsletter, produce summaries of different areas and send to NBAll31/08/2021
Re – newsletter, pull together the updates into a newsletterNB31/08/2021
Inform JB of staff resignationsNB31/08/2021
Re café manager – supply a sample contract if possibleCR31/08/2021
Re café manager – ask candidate for refereesCR31/08/2021
Get clear requirements from RJ about needs and priorities re staffing levelsNB31/08/2021
Set up WhatApp groupNB31/08/2021
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