Minutes from board meeting 27th April 2020

These minutes may have been minimally amended to remove commercial or personnel sensitive information.

Date of meeting: 3.00pm Monday 27th April 2020 (Zoom Meeting)

Present: Joe Taylor, Dave Fairhurst, Ste Henderson, Paul Corkill, Jonathan Roby, Pat Bray, Kath Godfrey, Jane Fairhurst, Rhiannon Jones, Alan Kehoe,

Apologies: Ian Bowyer, Danny Halliday


Chair: Joe Taylor

Minutes: Dave Fairhurst

Declarations of interest:


Referenceto agendaMinuteAction
1Minutes of meeting of 20 April 2020:Agreed
2Matters arising:

3Furloughing:AK updated the board on first submission to hmrc under job retention scheme. RJ had not been included in the light of all her work on the farm and J and N weren’t included because they had each done 8 hours volunteering per week for two weeks.

4Box scheme:KG updated board on scheme. SH advised that volunteer time was 2-3 voluntary drivers for 1-2 hours a day for 4 days a week. Deliveries had been carried out by care farm staff and they will still be providing some delivery support to the box scheme. SH said stock control had improved in the last week.AK stated that under present circumstances a “break-even” point would be approximately £180 loss, bearing in mind that if staff working on the box scheme were furloughed we would have to be paying for 20% of their wages.A discussion took place regarding the timing of the production of a financial analysis.
PB advised that he’d registered an application for a grant of up to £5k for the box scheme from “Forever Manchester” Community Support Fund. PB to email details.

5Care Farm:DF updated on care farm plans to keep in touch with learners through weekly person-centred timetables targeted to learners’ preferences. Wigan MBC have accepted these plans as sufficient to justify paying our invoices in full. Board recognised this as very good news and asked DF to drop Kelly a



line to thank her and her staff for their good work.DF
6Any Other Financial Issues:KG asked re: final accounts. AK said these had not been completed by the accountants before they had closed due to the C-19 lockdown. KG asked if AK could produce monthly overall figures. DF to write to FCA regarding delay in submitting the accounts. He had left message on website but had not had a response.
Crowdfunding appeal had hit its target. Agreed to keep appeal open for now. 

7Other Issues from the Farm on LockdownVolunteer rota for animals is full.Growing going well with the help of volunteers.RJ asked about hiring skip to help volunteers tidy up the farm. Agreed.
9Date and time of next meeting3.00 pm Monday 4th May 2020
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