Minutes from Board Meeting – 1th November 2020

Greenslate Community Farm Ltd

Board Meeting

Date: 11/11/2020  via  Zoom @6pm

Present: Donald McQueen, Pat Bray, Beth Hollihead, Stuart Hollihead, Caroline Hudson



Chair: Beth Hollihead

Minutes: Caroline Hudson

Declaration of interest: 

Agenda referenceMinutesAction
1Previous minutes discussed and agreed.BH reiterated a previous informal discussion on the possibility of closing the Strawbale building until spring and placing all related staff on furlough at 80% until required.This action was agreed by all BM with the agreement that education provisions would continue as normal.  Members are to be notified of the closure and invited to provide input on the future of the farm and its services.  The time should also be used to make some breathing space for the board and apply a more suitable management strategy.PB confirmed that GCF does not meet the criteria for upcoming grant provision.  All agreed that communication is vital and emphasis must be put onto the reopening to be something to look forward to for the community.Agreement reached that GCF cannot afford to top-up all wages going forward but incentive to take holidays is given by topping up in this case.
2Agreement is reached to top up payments for staff forced to isolate due to covid rules.
3PB will contact NA in regard to cctv access (admin rights).  CH and PB expressed concern at the lack of strategically placed cameras, particularly outside of the strawbale building.  CH, PB and DM ask that access to the website be held by more than one person as a precaution. BH will approach NH for website access as this is needed if he is to be furloughed.  SH will assess new locations for camera placement.PB – speak to NA about cctv admin rights
BH – ask NH for website access
5AOBSH working on updates to grievances and disciplinaries process and BH will produce templates to be used for the complaints procedure.
The current board, BH SH DM PB CH, officially acknowledge that all of the previous board stood down on the 5th October 2020 and that all current board members were elected during the last AGM.
PB – fire alarm remote signalling required and will obtain quotes.  No alarm is currently linked to the fire dept.
DM requests that borehole servicing and directors insurance are addressed at the next meeting
6Provisional date of next meeting – 25/11/2020Postponed until 29/11
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