Minutes from board meeting – 18th February 2019

Condensed minutes of the meeting on 18th February 2019

Present I Nicolson M Tebbutt R Jones P Shaw N Hickson K Godfrey

6 quails have been re-homed at the farm. The farm is also acquiring a number of
runner ducks, to be kept in the growing fields in a mobile enclosure which will
enable them to provide weed control and fertilisation for the crops. 2 of our pigs
will be sent for slaughter in the next few weeks and the other 2 will be moved into
the growing fields for the summer to be kept on a rapid rotation system, turning
over the ground and providing fertilisation. Our cockerel has finally been
rehoused after several unsuccessful attempts. The farm will shortly be acquiring
a selection of 4 female sheep of different breeds which will be kept for education.

Neil is working on a volunteer training programme covering basic skills and has
been looking at the potential for accreditation. A number of volunteers are also
taking part in a ‘micro greens’ course at the farm as part of this project.

Care farm:
We have recently welcomed a new learner to the care farm.

Site development:
CCTV will shortly be installed on the main barn and allotments.
The car park has been resurfaced with road planings and more works will be
taking place over the next couple of months to improve the entrance to the farm.
The new wareing shed floor will be laid as part of this work, and soil from these
excavations has been moved to the memory garden for levelling and beds.

Cafe and Shop:
The cook position has been advertised with a closing date of 25th Feb.
The shop and cafe have been doing far better than expected in the new year:
Weekends and the half term week have been particularly busy, our first quiz and
cocktails evening of the year was sold out, and the next is also now sold out.

The allotment AGM will take place on 10th March in the classroom at 10am.

All children’s groups will be re-starting the week commencing 11th March, and 3
volunteers have been recruited to help run the kids club. 15 DOE students are
currently attending weekend sessions and we are continuing to run school
sessions at the farm.

Addaction funding has recently been secured and the farm has also been
awarded funding from the ASDA tokens scheme. An application has recently
been made to the Greggs Foundation for funding for a green waste composter.

The AGM will take place on 24th March at 4pm in the cafe.
Date of the next meeting: March 13th 6.30pm

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