Minutes from Board Meeting 15th December 2020

Date of meeting: Zoom meeting Tuesday 15 December 2020 6pm

Present: Donald McQueen, Caroline Hudson, Pat Bray

Apologies: Beth Hollihead, Stuart Hollihead

Chair: Donald McQueen

Minutes: Pat Bray

Declarations of interest: None

Referenceto agendaMinuteAction

1Matters Arising:
There were no matters arising.
The complaints from Roger Buckner, Mark Tebbutt and Chris Mulcahy were discussed. The board agreed on responses to RB and CM.  More discussion is required on the response to MT.   

SH to draft response letter to RB.
BH to draft a response to CM.
PB to draft a preliminary response letter to MT for consideration by the rest of the board.
3Bore Hole:
DM advised that the work specified in the risk assessment had possibly not been done as none of the relevant records can be found. He has undertaken the significant task of recreating the historical records for the bore hole (as far as this is possible). DM advised that a sample test is due (tba with United Utilities). DM will arrange to get the equipment serviced.  He will attend the equipment service session and seek specialist advice from the installers on producing a comprehensive staff training programme, detailing necessary routine maintenance checks and monitoring and also detailing training to implement emergency safety procedures.    

DM to recreate historical records as specified, arrange a sample test and equipment service and create a maintenance schedule for staff.
4Electrical Issues:
PB advised that we need to have a timed signalling device to alert the fire service in the event of a fire after hours. A competitive quote was obtained from GHE Electrical and was circulated previously. It was agreed for us to go ahead with this work. PB also advised that our electrical installations are due to be inspected and tested. A competitive quote was obtained for this work, again from GHE Electrical and PB advised that the work is carried out as soon as possible, cash permitting. PB advised that we also have a duty of care to ensure that our portable electrical equipment is safe. Again this is achieved by means of regular testing and inspections, with associated certification. There was general agreement that the issues should be sorted out as soon as possible. It was agreed that we try and find the resources to do all the testing, certification and remedial work and come to a decision before the next board meeting.
CH advised that there are no working lights in the cabin and this is causing difficulties. It is also potentially dangerous as light levels are low at this time of year.

PB to engage GHE Electrical to install the remote signalling device.
Mandy to produce an updated cashflow forecast asap so we have an accurate picture of the available resources
PB and DM to look at repairing the cabin issues on a volunteer basis
PB offered to investigate any technical issues and explain to the board in lay terms what is required to reconfigure the CCTV system to our current needs.

PB to liaise with Nick Ashcroft and report back to the board.
6BOI and reconciliation process:
There was some discussion of the terms of reference for the board of inquiry. It was agreed that this is a good and well thought out document but clarification is needed on whether Wigan Council are willing/able to decide the resolution of complaints against board members of our society.We agreed that SH should initiate the reconciliation process as he suggested.

SH/BH to ask Wigan Council for clarificationSH toto initiate the reconciliation process. 
7Strategic Planning:
The suggestion by BH to ask again for members of the strategic planning working group was agreed.

DM pointed out that we have agreed to engage with Wigan Council in our strategic review. A working document on code of conduct was sent to us as part of the collaborative strategic review process. It was agreed that we initiate the strategic review process with Wigan Council, starting with the code of conduct document. 

BH to ask the members to join the strategic panel working group.
DM to follow up the code of conduct document.
8Any Other Business:
Secretary role:
PB to take on secretary role on a temporary basis until CH is able to resume. DM to assist if required.
Stock fencing:
CH advised that grant money is available (£1400) to erect new stock fencing to replace the existing temporary electric fencing field partitioning with permanent stock fencing. This will save money in the long run as maintenance costs are high for electric fencing and access is complicated for learners and animal staff. Some materials have already been purchased and it was agreed that the work should go ahead and completed even if it required some additional funding Authorisation was given for Rhiannon to engage a fencing contractor to create three permanent paddocks for the animals.     

9Date and time of next meeting:
6.00 p.m. Wednesday 6th January 2021, by Zoom.
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