Minutes from board meeting 13th April 2020

These minutes may have been minimally amended to remove commercial or personnel sensitive information.

Date of meeting: 13th April 2020 (Zoom meeting)

Present: Joe Taylor, Dave Fairhurst, Jonathan Roby, Ste Henderson, Jane Fairhurst, Kath Godfrey, Alan Kehoe, Rhiannon Jones, Ian Bowyer, Pat Bray

Apologies: Paul Corkill

Absent: Danny Halliday

Chair: Joe Taylor

Minutes: Dave Fairhurst

Declarations of interest:


Referenceto agendaMinuteAction
1Minutes of meeting of 6 April 2020:Agreed
2Matters Arising:To be dealt with in agenda

3Furloughing, voluntary box scheme etc: KG presented spread sheet showing income and costs so far. After detailed discussion agreed that box scheme continue with KG, SH, AS, NH to be paid through box scheme. Wages of staff working on box scheme to be funded by the scheme, i.e. the scheme to run at no cost to the overall farm. KG to have overall responsibility for the scheme and for reporting to AK re: costs and income. To be reviewed in two weeks. Main criterion of review to be whether the scheme is financially viable at no cost to the Farm overall.Board agreed that staff who have worked on box scheme could not be included in application for government support. SH noted that some staff had only done a couple of voluntary hours on the scheme. SH to advise Board of names of staff who’s involvement was minimal. Farm to claim for these staff under govt scheme.Board thanked KG for her work on the proposal.



4Any Other Financial matters:PB & JR to pursue CAF grant.PB reported that he had launched a crowdfunding appeal, thanks to work from RH.

Other issues from the Farm in lockdown:DF reported on exchange of emails with Wigan MBC. Whether Wigan will honour agreement to pay care farm still in doubt, so not yet clear whether we will need to claim for care farm staff through government scheme.RJ to continue on furlough.



5AS growing for the box scheme.JT proposed vote of thanks for staff who had voluntarily worked on the box scheme. Agreed.DF to draft letter to staff.

6A.O.B.:RJ reported on request from neighbour regarding using land set aside as a buffer strip to the allotments. RJ & DF to look at drafting a licence agreement with the neighbour.

9Date and time of next meeting3.00 pm Monday 20 April 2020
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