Minutes from board meeting – 12th August 2019


Date of meeting: 12 August 2019


Kath Godfrey, Danny Halliday, Ian Bowyer, Alan Kehoe, Rhiannon Jones, Joe Taylor, Dave Fairhurst, Jane Fairhurst, Neil Hickson



Paul Corkill



Joe Taylor


Dave Fairhurst

Declarations of interest: None



to agenda

Minute Action
2 Minutes of meeting of 1 July 2019

The minutes of last month’s meeting were agreed.

3 Matters Arising

Code of conduct – No progress

Disciplinary procedure re: volunteers – no progress

Recruitment – Three temporary part time kitchen staff have been taken on for the summer.

Fencing – RJ awaiting more quotes

Energy supplier – been changed to Yorkshire Gas and Power

4 Treasurer’s report

AK circulated a spreadsheet showing our financial performance this financial year. Overall, we have made a profit up to the end of July 2019.  

A number of financial procedural issues were discussed and it was agreed that meetings would in future be held on the second Monday of the month to enable accurate financial performance including the previous month to be presented to the Board. 

A discussion took place on a number of financial and record keeping procedures.  AK expressed concern about the potential lack of clear paper trails identifying authority and responsibility. Progress on various financial procedure issues will need to be reviewed at the next meeting.

5 Chair’s report

This was tabled and noted

6 Human Resources

JT had contacted members regarding co-option of an HR skilled person onto the Board, as agreed at the last meeting.  It was agreed that Jonathan Roby should be invited to join the Board. JT to contact him.

7 Farm Reports


Neil Hickson gave a brief presentation on growing and digital work. He summarised where he felt our digital strategy could be improved and that he felt progress could be made on the basis of one full day a week. He advised the board that he was resigning from the Board and that he was working his notice on his employment as a grower.  KG proposed that NH be employed as a digital/marketing strategist/worker for seven hours per week and a new revised contract be issued. JF seconded the proposal, which was agreed unanimously.

It was also agreed that KG and DF should meet to review actions that need to be taken to start the process of recruiting a new grower.

Care Farm:

Hazel’s report had raised a number of issues and made a number of recommendations.  After discussion it was agreed that:

  • Classrooms should be used exclusively for care farm customers
  • The cabin should be made available for volunteers
  • The proposal for a Learning Disabilities Disco should be trialled
  • The general proposals regarding the redesignation of offices were agreed. 

Project Infrastructure:

KG briefly spoke on her written report.  It was agreed that an application for change of use of Wareing shed 2 should be made to Wigan MBC to reflect the plans for a joinery workshop.  The costs of the planning application to be met by Power To Change budget. Jewsons grant to be used to kit out the workshop.

KG will give an update on all current projects at the next board meeting.


KG spoke on a written report. A draft of the proposed new menu will be circulated before it is finalised

Education, Animals

RJ spoke to a written report on animals and education.  Three donkeys have been offered instead of two so that a family group can be maintained.  Addaction to fund extra cost of about £480/year for the next 2 years and will probably cover the extra costs after then.  The donkey Sanctuary will take the donkeys back if we no longer wish to keep them.

The Board agreed to accept the proposal to take three donkeys.  They should be arriving within the month.

Trees and Woodland

The Board noted that Persimmon have not followed up on their promises to make good damage incurred during their work on the SUDS scheme earlier this year. It was agreed that this issue should be taken up with the Council.



8 General Meeting 18 August 2019

Arrangements for the general meeting with members on 18 August were briefly discussed.

9 Date and time of next meeting

6.30 p.m. Monday 9 September 2019


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