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Keeping things local; decisions we make when we buy.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this Coronavirus Pandemic, keeping things local is really important.

We’ve seen that when something like a Pandemic comes along, things we take for granted aren’t as easy to get hold of.

Decisions, decisions

Buying in stock for a shop is difficult. It takes lots of research and a huge amount of decisions. Often it’s a balancing act between what we think is a good product and the right thing to sell, and with what you want to buy.

It would be easy to just get everything from one supplier and not worry about it, but at Greenslate we’re trying to make a difference in the world.

We try, where possible, to use suppliers that are ethical, organic, and arguably most important of all, local. By growing crops on the farm and producing our own food in our kitchens we’re trying to be as local as we can.

Keeping things local draws less resources from the planet which will help us with that other looming crisis, climate change. 

Climate change

Climate change hasn’t gone away, it still needs addressing. To solve that problem, keeping things local will play an important part. One small bonus from this Pandemic is there’s been fewer cars on the roads and fewer planes in the sky. This must have had a massive impact on how much carbon dioxide we’ve all produced.

Keeping things local has proved to be really important over these last couple of months. Although it’s healthy to have a broad global outlook on life, having a strong community and a strong, self-sufficient local network really matters.

More local suppliers

In the future we’ve got plans to use as many local suppliers for our shop as we can. We’ll be featuring them in posts as they come on board and available to you.

If you know of local suppliers whose products you think should be on our shelves, please let us know. And please comment on what you think you’ve learned from the way we’ve had to adapt lately.

See what’s available in our shop online here.

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