Are you a cheese lover? We have pulled together an ‘eclectic’ range of cheeses that we feel are well worth trying out if you love your cheese.

Some are local, from Leagram’s in the Ribble Valley; a fantastic crumbly Lancashire and an award winning soft sheep’s cheese called Ramshackle which will surprise you with its beautiful creamy mild taste.

We have a full flavoured Cheddar from one of the oldest cheese makers in the country called Barbers 1833. It’s has a slightly crunchy texture and bags of flavour.¬†

Travelling further afield, we have a wonderfully flavoursome Gouda called Old Amsterdam. Some people say ‘no good cheese comes out of Holland,’ they obviously hadn’t tasted this one. It has a smooth, rich and robust flavour.

Finally, we have Ossau Iraty, another sheep’s milk cheese from the¬†Franco-Basque region of France. This is quite a firm cheese with a well rounded creamy flavour.

If we have sparked your interest, call in the shop and have a taste, we usually have one opened for you to try, just ask.

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