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Would you like the opportunity to become one of the team?

Greenslate Community Farm are looking for a new part-time grower. How would you like to become part of the farm?

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Job Description

Post: Grower

Reports to: Under review

Circumstances: 14 hours per week – There is scope for hours to increase with the financial viability of the project.

Summary of role: Greenslate Community Farm is a society registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Society Act 2014 (CBBS Act) and is a farming project, run for the benefit of the Billinge/Orrell community. The project is designed to help our community to become more resilient to the pressures of climate change, by supplying education, support and food production opportunities within our own community and with the minimum carbon footprint. Alongside food production, GCF runs a care farm; providing a therapeutic environment where adults with a variety of additional needs can enjoy farming, baking, crafts and more. The care farm is one of the main income streams for the farm, following a period in which we were heavily supported by start-up grant funding. 

We are seeking an experienced and enthusiastic grower to undertake and direct the growing of vegetables and fruit with the help and involvement of volunteers, students and learners to:

  • Supply the farm shop and café. 
  • Provide learning opportunities in food growing. 
  • Develop and expand the scale of growing at the farm in accordance with the local demand.

Main Responsibilities

  • Develop and establish a viable plan of growing based on organic and permaculture principles, in order to supply the project’s café and shop throughout the year, having liaised with cafe and shop staff regarding their needs.
  • Liaise with other farm staff and volunteers to develop the growing element of the project as a learning resource to promote good practice in growing healthy food. 
  • Recruit, supervise, instruct and direct volunteers in the growing, care and picking of produce.
  • Undertake quality control and crop planning to minimize waste and ensure produce is of the highest possible quality. 
  • Communicate plans to the board, the farm staff and to visitors and volunteers, using a variety of media and on-site visual aids
  • Plan and carry out the ordering of seeds and materials within the constraints of the budget.
  • Identify and implement or direct the implementation of landscaping and infrastructure development as required for the growing process, within the constraints of the available budget.
  • Maintain adequate records to inform subsequent years’ growing and to support periodic progress reports to the board to identify successes and difficulties.
  • Liaise with staff at the farm to integrate the growing activities into other farm activities, including volunteering, school visits and care farm.
  • Ensure tools and equipment are safe and maintained in good condition and ensure the growing area is safe and tidy at all times and left in a safe and tidy state following any activity. 
  • Immediately deal with or report hazards which appear on site.
  • Ensure volunteers work safely at all times.
  • Understand and comply with health and safety policies and other farm policies.
  • Be an enthusiastic ambassador for the farm and its ethos, and convey the ideals and purpose of the farm to visitors on an informal basis.
  • Undertake additional duties commensurate with the post as may reasonably be requested from time to time.

Person Specification

The following skills and qualities are essential:

  • Thorough knowledge of organic fruit and vegetable growing
  • Thorough understanding of pests and diseases and means of protection against these. 
  • Skills or aptitude in mentoring and teaching food growing
  • The ability to grow for a specific commercial demand 
  • Understanding of permaculture principles and Regenerative Agriculture
  • Ability to plan successional crop planting 
  • Ability to work independently and manage time effectively
  • Good communication skills, and the ability to understand and convey instructions.

The following qualities and skills are desirable:

  • Creative approaches to growing and responding to the needs of customers.
  • Experience and networking skills to encourage the recruitment of ‘growing’ volunteers
  • Interest in exploring new avenues for sales within the bounds of the overall project aims and ethos. 

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