Dan and Darryl Building Success

Darryl Whitter and Dan Salters

The learners that come to the farm often have special skills Dan Salters and Darryl Whitter have both put their talents to good use working on the Straw Bale Build as it progressed over the last two years.

Darryl’s speciality was painting and rendering the straw bale walls with lime render, whilst Dan is a talented woodworker.

Dan’s skills with wood helped the farm obtain a £5000.00 funding reward from Jewson’s Building Suppliers through their ‘Building Better Communities’ programme. Telling his story and showcasing his work persuaded the funders our project is having a real positive impact on people’s lives.

This money will be used to buy tools for Dan and his colleagues, so that we can set up a new joinery workshop on the farm.

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