Running the Greenslate Farm Care Farm in Lockdown

Care Farm Staff with Activity Kits

Our Care Farm gives its adult learners a great focus in life. Sadly, since the lock down this has been missing for them.

Care Farm manager Kelly was worried about this, so came up with the idea of sending them tasks that she knows they like to do.

Kelly explained, We have started a weekly person centred timetable which consists of 3 activities. This can be anything from planting, exercising, baking and craft! Anything that the learners enjoy doing. Myself and the other girls will be making weekly boxes which will include all the supplies needed to complete the activities which we will be dropping off in person, and checking in on everyone from their front gates. We will also be providing online lessons and tutorials from home.”

Here’s an exercise video that Kelly, Laura and Chelsea made for the learners to join in with.

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