by Rhiannon Jones

The past year has been hard for us all, but despite the difficulties, the Greenslate Team has ploughed on through and continued to offer meaningful placements and volunteering opportunities to some of the most vulnerable people in our community. A lot has happened this past year, and to keep you up to date, we’ve put together just a few of the highlights from the animal department.

New resident

We get a lot of random messages, but when one local contacted us about a piglet roaming around Orrell, we couldn’t not help. 

Meet Penny, initially brought in as a foster placement, now she’s Greenslate’s newest resident. We’ve been busy giving her the love and attention she needs, and even started to train her to walk on her very own harness.

Taking stock

We are slowly getting rid of our out dated electric fences and replacing them with stock fencing which will not only keep our animals more secure, but it will allow the public to get up close without fear of being shocked. This also will help some of our more timid rescued residents gain trust in humans and make interactions a more enjoyable experience.

The Quack Shack

New Duckhouse at Greenslate Farm

After a successful fundraiser, our amazing community managed to raise the funds needed to finally replace he dilapidated duck shed. 

We have now built the new full height shed and swanky new aviary which will allow our ducks the outdoor space of an evening safe away from foxes.


Biodiversity Buzz

With the fewer visitors and volunteers on site over lockdown, our more rugged areas were allowed to go wild. As a result, the insect and bird populations boomed.

So when our food growing took off this year we were keen to keep the biodiversity that lockdown had encouraged. We have implemented a no-dig system to improve the soil and microbes, planted more wildflower areas, created a forest garden and launched a new edible flower range to increase pollinating species of insects at the farm.


Coming up

This summer is set to be a busy one, with numerous projects still waiting in the wing. In early June we will be shearing our rare breed sheep, building two new giant pig arks and completing our Bio Blitz survey.

In July, we will be taking part in the UK Bat survey, welcoming 50 new Ex Caged hens to our flock and renovating the hens orchard with enrichment activities.

August seems a lifetime away, but plans are already underway for a summer of kids educational activities and conservation projects, and then there’s Hay Day… Getting the hay in for winter feed is a great week long activity 


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