A Walk in the Woods for the Care Farm

Last week some of the members of our Care Farm went on a little adventure into our woodland and beyond.

With rain, sunshine and more rain this summer, lots of our woodland has become overgrown adding to the adventure. We had to navigate our way through our trees, then walk back around the perimeter of the site through Orrell Water Park which borders the farm.

Whilst enjoying the fresh air and getting plenty of exercise, it was also an education trip for our Care Farm learners. We were able to identify Lime trees that planted last year by the woodlands team. Learners found Silver Birch trees dotted throughout the woodland. We then went searching for acorns to raise oak trees .

Mark Tebbutt, one of our key volunteers, came with us on the walk. He helped us learn more about what needs doing in the woodlands so they are enjoyed by more people.

It’s great to have such amazing outdoor spaces to explore and appreciate at the farm.

You can find out more about Greenslate Community Farm’s Care Farm for adult learners here.

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