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A new start for Greenslate Community Farm

Monday 28th September 2020

It’s been an interesting weekend for Greenslate Farm after we have been through several really difficult months. 

This weekend, two substantial Zoom conferences took place, including the Annual General Meeting. The outcome of those two meetings will now steer the farm into the future.

One thing these conferences prove is that Greenslate Community Farm is a special place which lots of people care about passionately. 

We’ve now got a new board steering the governance of the farm. They have a big job to do with lots of issues to resolve. But, with the support of the shareholders and the community, Greenslate Community Farm can continue to be a great place to visit and to work.

The newly elected Board comprises of:

Pat Bray, Stuart Hollihead, Caroline Hudson, Donald McQueen and Beth Hollihead

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