Feed the animals winter fundraiser

Did you and your children enjoy meeting our farm animals in the summer? Please help them have a happy winter.

Unlike many other visitor farms, access to Greenslate is FREE because we believe the community should be able to see farm animals and learn about how farming and nature can work together. 

If you and your family enjoyed meeting our farm animals during the summer, how would you like to support them through the winter?  The weather can make it really tough for your four legged friends up here on Billinge Hill.

Winter can be hard for the animals on the farm with extra food needed just to keep warm. The grass stops growing and loses nutrition . Even the bugs our chickens scratch around for disappear.

All the animals rely on us to keep them warm and well fed, which isn’t easy when it’s cold, wet and you have a limited budget.

Over a long cold winter our feed bills rise as we have to spend even more on extra food and bedding. 

Our winter feed fundraising auction

To make sure they get plenty to eat and lots of dry bedding, this year we’re holding an animal winter food fundraising event.

That doesn’t mean you have to go hungry though, far from it. We’re putting on the most lavish event we’ve ever run at the farm.

Our chef Mark is keen to show just how good the food is at Greenslate Farm. Over the last year he has built up our great reputation in the Straw Bale cafe, so now he wants to go all out with a sumptuous three course meal with plenty of choices.

You will be entertained by talented Singer James Norton, and there will be a fundraising auction with some great items to bid for.

This is a ‘black tie’ dinner dance, so you get the chance to dress in your finery and enjoy a top notch, luxury night out. 

Come and join us knowing you’ll be keeping the farm animals cosy and happy this winter. Book your places today.

£29.50 per person

Charity Auction Dinner

On Arrival

Canapes and a glass of Prosecco or bottle of Beer

To Begin

Tomato and Basil Soup (Ve)

Farmhouse Pate 

Garlic Mushrooms (V)

Prawn Cocktail

The Main Event

Roast Beef with a rich roast Gravy

Three Mustard Chicken

Lamb Henry with minted Gravy 

Fillet of hake in a lemon cream sauce

Bean Bourguignonne (Ve)

Served with roasted potatoes and a medley of oven roasted vegetables

To Finish


Lemon Tart

Peach and Apricot Crumble (Ve)

Cheese and biscuits

Dinner will be served at 7.30pm 0n the 2nd of November at Greenslate Farm 

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