Corporate volunteering opportunities in Greater Manchester at Greenslate Community Farm

Many companies see the opportunity that volunteering team days offer to their employees. They get people out of the office and are great team building exercises.

It isn’t just a winner for the volunteering organisation though, Greenslate Farm has gained such a lot by offering corporate volunteering opportunities in Greater Manchester.

Having a team of willing volunteers ready to get stuck in and tackle big jobs on the farm is great; they get a lot done and it really raises our spirits.

We have had two great groups along this month who have gone away feeling positive about their volunteering team day experience.

Wigan Council Finance Team - 7th and 8th May 2019

A normal day in Wigan Council’s Finance department doesn’t usually include, moving rocks, building paths or weeding poly tunnels. 

Caroline Wills of Wigan Council’s Finance Team told me she enjoys the outdoor life, but most of her working days keep her stuck in an office environment.

Caroline explained: “I personally like being outdoors and working outdoors, and seeing the team work together. We have shifted massive rocks over the last couple of days. We have done you a path. We have cleaned some of the greenhouses up for you. We just enjoy working as a team when we come here, and it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or its sunny, although we do prefer the sun. We love seeing the chickens wandering around. It’s just a lovely atmosphere; the [farm] team that work here are great.”

It’s great if you can get your volunteer days at work. It benefits you and your employer.

The Environment Agency - Climate Change Trading Regulatory Services Team - 22nd May 2019

It was a nice bit of synergy when volunteers from Environment Agency came for their volunteer environment day. The team who came to help us normally have the job of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a transition based project, anything that helps reduce climate change is close to our hearts.

Lucinda MacEvoy’s normal job is to monitor emissions in the Aviation sector.  The team she works for regulate various UK and European based schemes to do with climate change emissions.

At Greenslate, Lucinda helped us plant tomatoes and lay a pathway within the new Memory Garden. She explained how doing this work away from the office builds a sense of camaraderie with colleagues, and  helps you to learn new skills. She also commented, “We are happy to help and we enjoy it.”

Keith Atkinson is an operations manager for European Emissions Trading. I mentioned to Keith that Greenslate was all about sustainability and moving to a low carbon economy.

Keith said. 

“We are right behind this kind of stuff. In the future, if we can go local then local is better, less transport, supporting the local economy, it’s more sustainable globally rather than flying all our vegetables across the world.”

I asked Keith what was the best thing that he got out of the day. He said, “I think it’s the sense of camaraderie. We get on well in the office, we work well, we have a good sense of team spirit, but getting out in the fresh air brings out different things in people. You are not talking about work, you are talking about this [farm] stuff, so you find out different things about your teammates; team spirit really.”

Many on the volunteering team days that I spoke to mentioned that they come away from a day like this with a sense of achievement.

We at the farm want to thank all our volunteers for the effort they put in, and the great things they have done for the farm.

Neil HIckson

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