We are excited

The winter seems so long and Christmas was a big deal for us. Everyone worked really hard to make it a success for the farm. 

Now that we have had time to recover, and the days are slowly growing longer, we can start to imagine how the new year will develop.

Some of the staff and volunteers who have different focus points and interests, say what they are looking forward to as spring is approaching.

I’m looking forward to spring and the new produce that it will bring for the kitchen. I am especially excited about salad ingredients and some of the new salads I have planned.”

Mark Hampson

Cafe and Shop

“We are going to be expanding the range of animals on the farm, and I’m really looking forward to bringing in some new breeds of sheep that will integrate into our land management scheme.”

Rhiannon Jones


“We’ve lots of new enquiries for places on the care farm, so I am looking forward to the new faces that will be coming along and be part of our farm family.”

Hazel McGregor


“The Asparagus that I have nurtured for over three years now should be ready to give us a fantastic harvest this year. I have had some customers say that the garlic we grew last year was the best they ever tasted.”

Roger Buckner

Shop and Growing

“I have watched how the farm has improved over the last year, and what we have achieved is spectacular, especially with the Straw Bale Shop and Cafe. I am looking forward to see what heights we can reach this year.”

Ian Nicholson

Chair of the Board of Directors

“Now that the new barn/workshop is nearing completion, I am really excited by the great opportunities it gives us to build things and learn.”

Kath Godfrey

Project Manager

“I am looking forward to the apple blossom, especially if we get some on the 50+ new fruit trees that we have planted this winter.”

Mark Tebbutt

Orchards and Woodlands

“This year I want to bring a wider range of produce into the shop and cafe. I also want to make sure that people who come to the farm or read about it online get the true message of what the farm is about”

Neil Hickson

Grower and Digital Marketing

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