Annual General Meeting of Greenslate Community Farm Ltd.

Dear Member

The Annual General Meeting of Greenslate Community Farm Ltd will be held on Sunday 24th March 2019 at the Straw Bale Café, Greenslate Community Farm at 4:00 pm. Doors open at 15:50 pm.


Chairperson’s report (Ian Nicholson)
Financial report (Mark Tebbutt)
Vote on the resolution to waive the requirement for audit
Election of directors
Any other business: An opportunity for discussion and questions on any issues relevant to the current and future operation of the farm.

The AGM is open to anyone but only shareholders of Greenslate Community Farm may vote. Any individual over the age of 18 may apply to the farm for membership which entails a one-off subscription of £25.

Two items will be voted upon:

2a) Under the Cooperatives and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 the society (Greenslate Community Farm) is entitled to exemption from the requirement to have its financial statements audited (on account that the farm’s turnover is less than £5.6million and the farm’s assets are less than £2.8million). Resolution 1 is to waive this audit.

3. Election of directors:
There will be a vote to elect the new board.
One third of the longest standing board members are required to stand down although they may nominate themselves for re-election. A maximum of 12 board members will be elected at the AGM.

Any member may nominate themselves for election to the board. Nominations to the board, including a brief pen portrait and photo should be emailed to or mailed or delivered in person to the farm office: Greenslate Community Farm, Greenslate Road, Wigan WN5 7BG. Nominations must be received by Monday 11th March. These will be circulated to the membership.

Any member unable to attend the meeting may vote by email or by nominating a proxy. Voting slips will be provided with the list of nominees by Friday 15th March.

4. If you wish to raise a specific item in Any Other Business please email a brief summary of the question or issue in order to enable the board to address this to their full ability.

The Greenslate Community Farm Annual General Meeting Announcent - Sunday 24th March 2019

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