The Memory Garden

Greenslate Community Farm Memory Garden Project

We aim to create a garden area for the local community to use for quiet relaxation and reflection but also a space to meet others. A haven.

We have had some sad events around the farm area in the last couple of years, and these have influenced an existing idea we had for making a new garden. We didn’t want to call it a memorial garden though, as this seems a bit negative. Instead, we want it to be thoughtful place in remembrance of the sad memories but also a space for happy ones as well.

Our design is to create a seating area surrounded by raised beds full of seasonal colourful flowers, herbs and shrubs. With a fruit tree in the centre as a focus with others planted outside. The whole outer area to be made into a bee-friendly wildflower mini-meadow. A hedge is to be planted on the fence line with a variety of hedging plants kindly donated by the Woodland Trust.

Above is a picture of the area in which we wish to create the memory Garden. Access will be open to all via the main farm entrance. The location is a quieter area on a busy farm in between our community allotments.

It will be constructed by farm volunteers and care farm students. We aim to use reclaimed timber to make the raised beds and source all other requirements locally. Greenslate Community Farm is committed to reducing carbon emissions; we do our best to work to organic and permaculture principles. We are committed to supporting local ethical businesses wherever possible.

We need your support and money to make this idea a reality. Please support our effort by making a small donation via Crowdfunder.

Thanking you for your time and support.


Greenslate Community Farm

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