Wigan's Community Farm

Greenslate Community Farm, built for the community by the community. 25 acres of farm and woodlands on the side of Billinge Hill on the outskirts of Wigan.


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The Straw Bale Café is open again.

It’s great news if you haven’t already heard. Greenslate’s Strawbale Cafe is open again as we try to ease our way to the new normal.

You won’t have had a slice of our cake or a sip of our coffee for quite some time, so give us the opportunity to welcome you back.

We are Covid compliant, so you’ll feel safe. Our menu is limited until we get fully up to speed, but there is still plenty for you to enjoy.

Greenslate Community Farm

We're hiring a new café manager - image

Could you be our new Café manager?

This is an exciting opportunity to join our staff.

We need someone who can lead the team and help develop our café into the amazing place we know it can be. 

Job Title: Strawbale Café and Farm Shop Manager

Location: Greenslate Community Farm, Orrell (Wigan, WN5 7BG)  Reports to Board of Directors.

For more information, download the job description here.

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The Farm Shop

The Straw Bale Farm Shop stock fruit and vegetables grown on the farm when they are in season. We also stock local, healthy and ethical products wherever possible.

The Care Farm

Our care farm has been established for over three years now and offers placements that centre around the meaningful activities of our working farm.

Our Animals

The animals have a very special place on our farm. 

Food Growing

Growing food at Greenslate Farm has always been on the agenda. The farm was started by Billinge and Orrell Transition Group and one of the aims of the movement is to make the local community more resilient and self sufficient.