Cheeky Pigs

pigOn 25th September 2013, Greenslate Community Farm bought 6 piglets.  We chose a docile breed of pig particularly suitable for outdoor rearing. We originally wanted Large Blacks but due to availability issues settled for a Large Black/Berkshire cross.


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Since then we have had a litter of Saddlebacks which proved entertaining (and mischievous!) but finally settled on Large Blacks.

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We usually get our pigs in the Spring time to rear ready for the Christmas Period, when we then sell the pork produce in our farm shop over the winter months. We have chosen to rear our own pork so that we can educate people on the importance of high animal welfare standards and give our customers an alternative to the intensively reared pork that is often on sale in supermarkets.

In the lead up to the winter period you can pre-order pork in time for Christmas. Just email or call 01695 229150.

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